Halfway there!

What a year! In the movie, Babe, Farmer Hoggett often says, "What a pig" in reference to Babe, the pig. He begins saying it in disbelief with a question mark and ends the movie saying it with an exclamation point. 2020 has been a little like that for me. Sometimes I say "What a year?," … Continue reading Halfway there!


Quarantine Fatigue (Don’t Stop doing good)

Quarantine fatigue is real. How are you coping with it? In this blog, I talk about some things that help and one thing we can't afford to do.

Update in the midst of a pandemic

A brief update on my year with the added complication of a pandemic. We're all trying to figure this out with some success and some failures.

Come on in, the water’s fine, maybe.

Are you a toe dipper or a diver? After six weeks, the ripples made from the changes in this year of me are more and more evident.

Food’s Illusions that I Recall

I've looked at love from both sides nowFrom give and take and still somehowIt's love's illusions that I recallI really don't know loveReally don't know love at all Lyrics based on Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell Joni Mitchell sang about how our perspective can change about love. She knows the pain that happens when … Continue reading Food’s Illusions that I Recall

2020 – a new focus

Do you find it easier to take care of others than yourself? Do the needs of others - spouse, children, pets, friends, church, birds, squirrels, the guy selling flowers on the corner - take precedent over your own? You might be just like me, a worn out caretaker. I didn't really think much about it. … Continue reading 2020 – a new focus

One year. . .

I spent today getting my 4th Ocrevus infusion of 2019 - two half doses plus two full doses. Just over a year ago, I had no idea what lay ahead after receiving the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis on December 1. For those who are interested this will be a brief update. A year ago, I was … Continue reading One year. . .