Worrywarts Unite!

Hello, my name is Fara and I am a worrywart.

How about you? Are you a worrywart?


As a lifelong worrier, I know something about the havoc stress and anxiety can cause in a life – physical symptoms, damaged relationships and lost opportunities. And to add to the guilt, the spiritual damage of continuing a behavior that Jesus told us not to do (Matthew 7).  I was the worst of the worse and I knew it.

So I worked hard on not worrying by trying to control the stresses. I planned. I researched. I was determined to keep my family and myself safe. Like a performer spinning plates on poles, I ran around in a frenzy keeping everything spinning. Spinning was safe. And that was the goal. In the end, I failed. And at the bottom, I was exhausted with lots of broken plates.

But then I remembered Jesus words, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). Rest, that was a novel idea. However, I did learn that while life will never be completely safe, God is always faithful. And in trusting him, rest does come.

Worrying is my weakness, God is my strength. Out of this belief, this site was born. Here I hope that anxious hearts will find inspiration and encouragement. Join me in this journey where worry doesn’t win!