Not Alone Anymore

My first roommate at St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference was named Princessa. I assured my young daughter as she helped me move into my room that nothing could go wrong when I was going to share room 313 (her birthday is March 13) with a princess.  My words were meant to assure her that Mom spending a week away from home would be fine, but I was really trying to reassure myself that I would be fine in this new place.  My family soon left and I felt just like I did when my parents dropped me off at summer camp or left me at college, alone. 

Alone is an uncomfortable feeling and one I have tried many times to avoid. After all, God understood that we aren’t meant to be alone when he created Eve for Adam. But sometimes, it’s important to risk being uncomfortable for a greater good. And that risk 15 years ago has blessed my life in more ways than I can count. Not only have the teaching and community of writers encouraged me to pursue something that I am passionate about but I have also become a published author.  I have found a community of friends that feels more like family. This is the joy of being part of the St. Davids Christian Writers’ Association.

This June, I’ll be sharing a room with three other ladies who have become my greatest supporters. Linda and I attended our first St. Davids together all those years ago. She was a commuter and we didn’t really connect that year. But four years later, I was newly divorced and she was an “expert” in the field, having gone through it a few years before me. Our shared interest in writing and our shared experience of  divorces worthy of Lifetime movies turned into a close friendship.  Crystal and Amy came a few years later, and four years ago, we started sharing a suite together. Now we return each year to share those 5 days together.

These women have become my greatest supporters, both professionally and personally. Throughout the year we share our prayer requests and our successes, and one week a year we live together in a 4-bedroom dorm suite. This year, I won’t have to convince myself that everything will be fine and I definitely won’t be alone.

Do you have a novel that is dying to get out? Do you want to publish something but don’t know where to begin? Do you have a book that you’re ready to pitch to an editor or an agent? St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference is great for every level of writer. If you’ve never been to a writer’s conference, I would highly suggest St. Davids. Its relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere is a safe place to take a risk. I promise you that, just like me, you won’t feel alone for long.

St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference is June 20-24, 2018, at Grove City College, Grove City, PA. There are scholarship opportunities (deadline April 1), contests and single day registrations. You can find more information here.

St David Roomies

One thought on “Not Alone Anymore

  1. I can’t tell you just how wonderful it was to read this right now. I’m having a wonky day today… but remembering the support I too get from this conference (and our little group) was just the thing I needed to remember today.

    You are marvelous! I celebrate you today!


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