Where does my help come from?

“I lift my eyes up to the hills. From where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.”    Psalm 121:1,2 ESV

It was almost like magic. They would come without call or even need. When I was single, if I lifted the hood of my car while it was parked on my street, the men would come. Even in the moments where I was more than capable of adding washer fluid or oil all by myself, they would come. Was it some kind of motor oil pheromone? Was it a sixth sense that someone without a clue had opened the inner sanctum? A disturbance in the force?

Sometimes it annoyed me. I was trying to do life without a man and I didn’t need one for basic car care. During this time I even learned how to change the headlight bulb in my car all by myself. These weren’t single men looking to save the helpless single lady in the neighborhood and maybe get a date. These were my happily married neighbors who all looked out for me after my husband left. But most of the time, they were my help when I had no clue about how to get my car to start. I appreciated that I didn’t even have to ask for help, it came at the first sign of trouble. Those neighbors were my heroes.

Isn’t this how it is with God as well?  Psalm 121 tells us that our help comes from the Lord who is the maker of heaven and earth. In my life, I know this is true. And just like my auto rescuers, God comes to my help before I even ask. Or when I think I know what I’m doing and don’t think I need help. He is there to help me even in my own ignorance.

I’m grateful for my neighbors and their abundant grace and care of me and my family. I am also daily thankful for God’s providence and faithfulness. It is good know that help is never far away! car-1564296_1920

2 thoughts on “Where does my help come from?

  1. What a great analogy! As a former single mom, I remember this male phenomenon (it also works with DIY home projects) but had never looked at it quite this way. It’s the perfect way to keep this message close.


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