Best Defense

Fear, it’s all around us. There is a lot to be anxious about in the world today. And this election season seems to be filled with anxiety.  The media wants us to be anxious. The more sensational the headline, the more we will click a link or watch a video. They predict stronger storms and bigger controversies. It’s easy to get caught up in the hysteria.

As we near election day, I’ve decided I need a break. Maybe we need more kittens on the internet or a cute baby with a full head of hair. But mainly, I’ve decided I need to focus on something different. I plan on posting the scriptures that I find helpful during times of anxiety for the next month. It won’t do much to stop the sensational headlines, but it will help me focus on the One who won’t change, the One who loves all of his creation and the One who will remain the same no matter the result of the election.


One thought on “Best Defense

  1. I love this. I need to be reminded of this too. It’s nice to go to at least one place on the internet that isn’t swarming with political hype. AND has its focus in the right place. A safe haven.


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