Mama Needs a GPS

My children will tell you that every trip to a new location with me is an adventure. This is not because of my effervescent personality or penchant for fun. No, it is because they know I will get lost at least once on every car ride. I am the first to admit I am directionally challenged. If you ever to travel with me, don’t hand me the map. I consider myself a fairly intelligent and capable woman, but not when it comes to directions.

Several years ago, we had to find our way to my youngest daughter’s swim meet. I used mapquest, this was well before I owned a smartphone, and studied the route. I knew there was construction on several of the roads (to be expected since I live in Pittsburgh where there is always construction between the months of April and October). But I at least had a little familiarity with where we were going. Of course, the kids were not reassured since they buckled up and said, “Let the adventure begin!”

Things were going well and I was hopeful that this would be the time I didn’t get lose my way. The naysayers in the backseat kept asking if we were lost yet. My navigator in the passenger seat kept reading the directions and looking for street signs which didn’t seem to exist. Twenty minutes into the drive the doubts began to build up. Were we on the right track? I was following detours and I was following directions. Had I missed a turn? Should I turn around or keep going? I could feel my anxiety level rising.

Were we on the right track? I was following detour signs and I was following the directions. Had I missed a turn? Should I turn around or keep going? I could feel my anxiety level rising.

Those in the backseat were beginning to talk about where this adventure might lead us and thinking this year Mom was definitely getting a GPS for Christmas. We tried calling another swim team member but soon discovered we were on our own. I took a deep breath hoping to lessen the panic building in me and mellow the tone of my voice as I ordered the adventure seekers to be quiet in the backseat. Then did the only thing I could do, just keep driving and trust the directions.

And sure enough, the detour ended and the streets we needed started appearing. We arrived safely at the swim club with time to spare.

Being in an unknown area without being able to see the big picture causes me to feel anxious. I don’t like not knowing where I am or where I am going. How can I know if I am headed in the right direction? Have I gone too far or not far enough? I get the same feeling when I think about my life and God’s plan for it. Am I going in the right direction? Did I miss my call? Or do I need to keep going? Or do I need to make a u-turn?

I learned on this adventure if I trust the directions and keep going, I will arrive at my destination eventually. And I am learning the same thing in my own life. If I trust God and his plan for my life, I just keep going and He will continue to lead me. I don’t have to worry about how I will get there, what detours might lie ahead or what adventures may arise. Instead, I can rest in his care knowing that eventually, He will lead me to just the place I am supposed to be.10952046_10205929096656689_1995670425_o


One thought on “Mama Needs a GPS

  1. Ah, this is the line that captures it for me (both the driving analogy and life itself): “Have I gone too far or not far enough?”

    I have no problem trusting in God’s plan for my life. What I don’t trust is my hearing. Is He saying this… or that? Thanks for this. (And I laughed because you’re on the Transportation Committee for St. Davids.) šŸ™‚


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