What joy!

But what joy for all who find protection in him!

Psalm 2:12b (NLT)

Halloween night saw my neighborhood filled with many small children dressed up as super heroes, princesses and other characters. It is a strange holiday for small children. At every other time of year they are told not to speak to strangers and never to take candy from one. But on this day, all the rules change. Not only can you speak to strangers but the entire point is to get candy from them. It is not any surprise that some children are confused.

Last night, several small children perched on their parent’s hip, dressed up in their Halloween finery timidly peered at those handing out candy. If it wasn’t for the security of their parent’s arms, they wouldn’t get a treat for their bag. In a few years, the timid ones will boldly approach the strange house and squeal “trick or treat” with excitement. They know what kind of joy comes from this strange activity.

At the end of Psalm 2, the psalmist states, “But what joy for all those who find protection in him!” How easy it is when faced with something new or challenging to forget this promise. Just like the young child who doesn’t understand that a treat lies ahead, we can fear for our safety in the face of change or something unknown.  But also like the child,  isn’t it wonderful that we can trust in the security of our Father’s arms and in the end find joy!

Father, thank you for your protection. Forgive me for the times I doubt your saving arm and trust in my own strength rather than yours. Help me find joy today in your protection alone! Amen.



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